DEFRA Update: 15 May 2024

Scope 3 Supply Chain CO2e Factors

2024 Update - 32 year history!


How to correctly cite these factors in your GHG Footprint Reporting Methodology:-

Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs. (2024) Supply chain emission factors for spending on products [Online]. Available at (Accessed ).

Temporal Relevance

The 2024 factors are based on the latest UK Footprint data published by DEFRA in 2024. Please note that DEFRA has a 3 year time lag producing the data, ie. 2024 factors are actually based on the 2021 UK Government Footprint Data, etc.

It is common to have a time lag in emissions factors, eg. the BEIS UK Government Grid Electricity factor for 2023 is actually based on emissions data from 2021.